Residential Courses

Course Structure:

6 Months Residential, 4 months self-study – 5 Modules – 5 Revision Weeks at Rosyth - 5 Exam Sessions of 3 exams

Instructor-led and personalised tuition is what we do outstandingly well and a residential course is the highly recommended path for those with little prior knowledge of commercial aviation.

It is essential to have a very good grasp of the complex theory to properly prepare you for the flying training phases and later your career as an airline or commercial pilot.

Moreover, EASA have begun to introduce several thousand new questions to their exam database and consequently it will become increasingly important for the candidate to have the thorough grounding in theoretical knowledge subjects that only a quality residential ground school can provide.

A one-week residential brush up is given immediately before taking each session of ATPL exams at the end of each Module.

Pilot Training Courses Residential UK

So why choose Pathway (

In a nutshell - better results for you. In this highly competitive industry, the P2P well-proven theory courses will give you the most solid foundation for the CAA exams, the expensive flying phases and your airline recruitment interviews.

Lack of understanding will be exposed and may lead to slow progress, exams failures and repetition of flight tests. Building intensively and progressively, our course will give you the best chance of passing the necessary CAA ATPL exams with high marks as our track record demonstrates.

Our instructors and material are high quality and second to none, your tuition is personalised and overall cost competitive. Being in the classroom for revision weeks, morning lectures and afternoon tutorials/practice questions enables you to focus on the essentials from the huge volume of information presented in the syllabus.  You take the exams progressively to spread the load.

Airlines recruiting look closely at all exam/flight test results and look for good first time passes, so give yourself the best possible start.

What's Involved?

You will have morning lectures and afternoon tutorials / practice and exam papers every week day from 0900 to 1630 in the classroom with hourly breaks.

The subject lecturers will explain each Padpilot chapter that you can follow in class and study later on your iPad/Macbook.

Instructors will lead the daily activity and be available to answer your questions or give extra tuition when needed.

There is a comfortable break-out area with hot drinks and 2 kitchens available all day and in the evening.

Good value Accommodation is available on-site and in nearby Dunfermline, a short bus/cycle ride away.


Full details of the 5 Module Subjects and Scheduled Residential teaching dates for each subject are given on the "Enrol Now" page under "Year Planner"