ATPL Exam Centre to Open at Pathway in 2020

15th December 2019   
ATPL Exam Centre to Open at Pathway in 2020

Announcing a new ATPL Exam Centre for both CAA & AustroControl Exams for 2020 at Rosyth hosted by Pathway Pilot Training (  Open to all comers. 


Dates will be:

UK CAA Exams 10-Feb-20 11-Feb-20
AustroControl Exams 13-Feb-20 14-Feb-20
UK CAA Exams 20-Apr-20 to 22-Apr-20
AustroControl Exams 23-Apr-20 24-Apr-20
UK CAA Exams 22-Jun-20 to 24-Jun-20
AustroControl Exams 25-Jun-20 26-Jun-20
UK CAA Exams 31-Aug-20 to 02-Sep-20
AustroControl Exams 03-Sep-20 04-Sep-20
UK CAA Exams 02-Nov-20 to 04-Nov-20
AustroControl Exams 05-Nov-20 06-Nov-20

Location: Rosyth Business Centre, Rosyth Europarc, KY11 2WX (off M90)

AustroControl Exams

These dates are confirmed.  More info and exam bookings from Mhairi, email:

CAA Exams

The CAA exams are contracted but subject to a final inspection of the exam facilities in January, so those dates are not yet fully confirmed.  Bookings will be available as usual on the CAA website after the inspection in January.

Transport links: 10 min drive from Edinburgh Airport. Walkable from Rosyth train station.

Accommodation: local hotel & B&B rooms easily available within walking distance.