AustroControl Exams - Candidates Brief

19th January 2021   
AustroControl Exams - Candidates Brief


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IPad App

The guidelines for using the LTS Exam2Go App for the exams is attached.  It is very straight forward, but you should read through this short tutorial carefully before taking the Austro exams.

Click on this link:

LTS Exam2Go: Guidelines for Candidates




Covid19 mitigation measures are required inside the Exam Centre building in line with the requirements and recommendations of the Scottish Government. These serve to protect the health of each individual person in the building - Rosyth Business Centre (RBC). There are 2 large car parks available and the Rosyth train station is a walkable distance.

On arrival at Rosyth Business Centre (at least 30 mins before your exam slot), enter the building at the main entrance (that is located at the back of the building as you approach it) where there will be a temporary exam reception desk and signage.  Use the hand sanitiser available at all entrances.  We will check your photo ID and take your forehead temperature.  To allow you to take any exam,  we need you to certify  in writing that: you have not had any symptoms of Covid-19 within 10 days; also, no contact with anyone in self-isolation or been to a restricted country within 14 days of sitting the exam.  We will take contact tracing details from you with the best email/mobile phone numbers for the 10 days after the exam.

Social distancing rules of 2m spacing must be strictly observed in the building and face coverings are required. Do not congregate in groups of more than 3 and respect the 2m distancing rule at all times while in Rosyth Business Centre (RBC) and the exam room.  Use outside spaces as much as you can while waiting.

Wash/sanitise hands thoroughly on arrival and before and after the exams. Sanitise and wipe down your allocated work station, mouse and keyboard (or iPad for Austro exams) after finishing the exam.  Leave the building as soon as possible after the exam unless you have another exam immediately in the next slot.  Wash hands frequently, particularly after using the toilets or touching communal surfaces.

The maximum number of candidate stations per session in order to maintain the 2m distancing is 10.  Avoid bringing any items not permitted in the exam room into the building as there is very limited storage space available.

For all candidates during the exam:

  • Face masks/ coverings are needed and 2m distancing is available.
  • Breaks may only be taken and toilets used individually if needed.
  • Sanitiser is available at one location in the exam room and at all entrances to RBC.

Rosyth Exam Centre - Risk Assessment