Brexit Update from the UK CAA to those under ATPL training

1st August 2019   
Brexit Update from the UK CAA to those under ATPL training

Brexit advice recently published by the UK CAA (22 Jul 19)

For Pilots Under Training for an EASA ATPL 

While the CAA will continue to accept and process Part FCL transfer applications under existing EASA transfer arrangements until the UK leaves the EU, the procedures adopted by the receiving NAA and recognised validity of the licence during the transfer process may vary among EU member states. 

If you are currently training for your commercial pilot licence to be issued by any NAA other than the UK, we recommend you speak to your NAA as soon as possible about how the training you have undertaken would be recognised. 

The European Commission has stated recently that:

Under Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 and in particular the second point of Appendix 3 of that regulation, a transfer from one (EASA) Approved Training Organisations (ATO) to another is possible. However, there is no exception as regards the requirement that all theoretical training exams must be taken in the same Member State. Consequently, if all the theory exams have been completed before the withdrawal date and if the change to another ATO located in the EU is done before the withdrawal date, the students will retain the credit for those theory exams performed in the UK for the normal duration of 3 years and may thus complete their training in another EU Member State.