CAA Exams - Student Feedback - Oct 18: AGK

10th December 2018   
CAA Exams - Student Feedback - Oct 18: AGK

AGK Feedback (Ayr 17/10/18) JM Majority of my exam was from the bank, most of the questions with the exact same wording.  Overall Fair exam.


What is “Hard Time” maintenance of an aircraft component?

  1. A component that is replaced when it approaches a certain percentage of predicted life.
  2. A component that is overhauled or replaced after a set number of hours, cycles or operation.
  3. A component that is overhauled or replaced at some point when continent to the operator
  4. A component that is monitored for critical parameters and replaced when a limit value is reached.

Which image represents BUCKLING?

(Answer 4)




What electrical system is used to heat cockpit windows?

  1. AC
  2. DC
  3. AC & DC
  4. Three phase 115v AC


A SANDWICH type structure is often used in aircraft design because of its:

  1. Ease of deformation under load.
  2. Low mass and low stiffness
  3. Low mass and high stiffness
  4. High temperature resistance


When the wing skin is not able to carry loads, the structural elements of the wing, which carry the bending moment, are: 

  1. The ribs
  2. The rivets 
  3. The spars
  4. The webs


The loading on the front spar of the torsion box from the wing root to the wing tip is:

  1. Compression 
  2. Tension, and then compression 
  3. Tension 
  4. Compression, and then tension.


Hydraulic pressure can be described as?

  1. Force x area²
  2. Force / area
  3. Force x area 
  4. Force x 2 / area


In a piston engine aircraft with an engine driven pneumatic pump which systems are operated by this? (New Question) (Not exact wording, to the best of my memory)

Pick three from five.

Gyro Instruments 
- Pitot Static instruments
- Electric Powered Instruments
Cabin Heating 
De-Icing Equipment

These answers are my own opinion and have not been confirmed.


In a turbofan aircraft which statement is correct regarding heating of the tail fin? (New Question) (Not exact wording, to the best of my memory)

  1. It is not heated at all.
  2. Only some aircraft have heated tail fins.
  3. It is heated by Hydraulic Fluid in pipes under the leading edge.
  4. Bananas.

These answers are my own opinion and have not been confirmed.


What would cause the autobrake system to activate on landing?

  1. Nose wheel spin up.
  2. Main wheel spin up.
  3. Rad Alt
  4. Main gear spin up and weight on wheels logic.

These answers are my own opinion and have not been confirmed.

What systems can be used for alternate Landing gear extension?  Pick three from five.

  • Gravity 
  • Nitrogen Canister
  • Mechanical override
  • Electrical
  • ?


The Number in the annex for the SIDE STAY/STRUT:

An Aircraft is flying a departure when roll control is lost in an aircraft fitted with irreversible flight controls. Which one of these would you expect to happen when the pilot tries to bank the aircraft: (New Question) 

  1. The controls will jam and the aircraft will be unable to roll
  2. The standby flight controls will activate 
  3. The spoilers will be activated asymmetrically and cause the aircraft to roll at a reduced rate.
  4. ?


What is the purpose of a “Zener Diode”

  1. Reverse current protection 
  2. Digital displays 
  3. Voltage stabilisation
  4. Rectification


Where are smoke detectors located on a turbofan aircraft?

Pick three from five.

  • Cargo Area
  • Engine
  • APU
  • Flight duty rest area 
  • Toilets


Assume an initial condition at a high cruise altitude with a constant speed propeller. What will happen if the altitude is decreased while the throttle remains fully open and the waste gate is seized in the cruise position?

  1. The power of the engine will decrease.
  2. The blade angle may reach the full fine limit. 
  3. The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) value may exceed the maximum allowed value.
  4. The manifold absolute pressure value will stay constant. 


A magnetic plug in an engine oil system can be used to: 

  1. Prevent metallic particles from entering the oil system.
  2. Collect Ferrous particles.
  3. Collect carbon found in the oil. 
  4. Collect static electricity. 


Beta Range of a Propeller in a turboprop aircraft:

  1. Flight idle -> Max Reverse
  2. Flight Idle -> Ground Idle
  3. Ground idle -> Reverse
  4. Bananas