Confused About What is Happening With CAA Exams??

10th January 2021   
Confused About What is Happening With CAA Exams??


 The recent decision by the UK CAA to both cancel all UK Exams until at least the end of February and also freeze its exam booking system for March and future exams has caused widespread chaos and confusion to those doing exams and worries about deadlines for completing old syllabus exams.  Some information and advice follows:

 UK CAA FCL Exams statement (8 Jan 21) 

“In line with the recent government announcement of a National lockdown, along with the restrictions in Scotland, the UKCAA senior management team have concluded that all exams scheduled to be sat must be cancelled from next week until the end of February 2021. This applies to both flight crew and aircraft maintenance engineers.

Candidates with bookings will receive a notification when their exam is cancelled, and the fees will be returned to the portal account which made the booking.

Current bookings in place for March will remain but no further bookings will be permitted at this time due to the uncertainty, this also includes dates for booking after March which are not open yet. This will be reviewed in February and a decision will be made in line with government guidelines as the situation develops.”


Pathway Advice on Old Syllabus Completion Deadline Dates for UK CAA Exams

Don't stress too much about the old syllabus exam completion date as it is now very likely to be extended due to the current cancellations by the UK CAA.

It’s very confusing because the 31st Jan 22 is the current EASA deadline date to all NAAs for withdrawing the old syllabus exams (not yet extended), but the UK CAA is no longer in EASA, so can make its own rules. The UK CAA had already extended the date of completion of the old syllabus exams until Sep 22 and this may well be extended again after their blanket UK Jan/Feb exam cancellations. However, this is a unilateral decision by the UK CAA and so not compliant with current EASA rules - unless the EASA Jan 22 deadline is also extended by EASA!

Pathway has already requested to the UK CAA that we extend the CAA exams days at Rosyth as soon as the exams re-start to clear the backlog of exams as we did in August 20.