Delay to Implementation of New Syllabus

27th February 2020   
Delay to Implementation of New Syllabus

Important CAA SkyWise Bulletin:  "Amendment to Professional Pilot Examinations effective from 4 May 2020" 

Please follow the attached link to the CAA website below and read it carefully. 

CAA SkyWise Bulletin

The very unexpected bombshell is that the “new syllabus” implementation can now be delayed by 6 months until the very end of this year (although the new syllabus ATPL exams [ECQB 2020] will still start in August this year as planned for the brave).  Consequently, as we do not wish our students to be the “guinea pigs” for the new syllabus exams, all our ATPL courses will now continue on the current syllabus for the rest of this year with the 2-monthly start options available again until September 20.  This start date of 7 September 20 will now be our last residential course on the current syllabus, not the February course as previously advertised.

The first new syllabus course in Pathway UK will now be delayed until April 2021.  Apparently, there were representations at senior level from some of the integrated schools and other ATOs who were not ready to implement the new syllabus in August - despite having had more than 2 years notice from EASA! 

AustroControl have just confirmed that their exams will follow a similar pattern to the UK CAA announcement.

In all cases, throughout EASA, anyone taking their first ATPL exam after the end of this year must be examined using ECQB 2020 on the new syllabus.