Job Vacancies - Part-time TKI for expanding UK/EASA ATPL Ground School

3rd December 2021   
Job Vacancies - Part-time TKI for expanding UK/EASA ATPL Ground School

TKI - Rosyth

Due to an expanding business and retirements next year, Pathway Pilot Training are seeking an experienced aviation instructor to join the team as a part-time TKI to take on several ATPL(A) ground school subjects.  Aviation (pilot or engineer) background essential and ideally experienced in teaching ATPL(A) subjects with the new 2020 syllabus.  Subject reference material and full induction / TKI training will be supplied if necessary.

Job details;

1.       Position: Part-time Theoretical Knowledge Instructor.

2.       Role: Teaching EASA ATPL subjects 

3.       Pay: competitive hourly rate.

4.       Bonus: Additional 11% holiday bonus paid annually in January.

Start date: February 2022 or as mutually agreed.


Detailed Job description

Existing TKIs or experienced pilots (or engineers) wanted to teach budding commercial pilots the theoretical knowledge needed to prepare them for the 13 EASA & CAA ATPL exams. Part-time role. Subjects [ATPL(A)] becoming available in early to mid 2022 due to 2 retirements are: POF, Met, Radio Nav, Ops Procedures, Air Law, Comms. Teaching of first 4 subjects is to residential classes, involving around 8/10 days teaching per module for each subject. Modules of 2 around months duration occur every 6 months. Chief Instructor role will become vacant from May 22 and probably filled from internal candidates. Classroom-based business located at Rosyth near Edinburgh. Teaching reference material will be provided, good flexibility with teaching commitments within the module. Instructors will normally need to be available 2 or 3 times for 2/3 consecutive days to teach their subject in the relevant module, planned well in advance. Would particularly suit recently retired or part-time airline pilots keen to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Applications highlighting past experience/CVs and suitability for the role should be submitted to: as soon as possible or by post to Norman Beasant at Pathway Pilot Training, Rosyth Business Centre, 16 Cromarty Campus, Rosyth Europarc, KY11 2WX.