June Exam Cancellations - Revised Plans

10th June 2020   
June Exam Cancellations - Revised Plans

After the great disappointment of the cancellation of the June ATPL exams at Rosyth by forces outside our control, the dust has started to settle (a bit) on the future recovery plan.  As you already know, to avoid piling yet another 3 large subjects on your existing backlog of exams, we have delayed the next residential teaching module (Module 3: AGK, R Nav & Ops) to 7 September.  All subsequent modules will follow in the normal sequence. Hopefully, there will be no further major revisions to this plan as we should be well out of lockdown by the end of the summer.

The new Classroom Teaching Plan is now on our website, see “Year Planner” in several places, for the current and future courses. Please look at it carefully as, over the summer, you should maintain where you are now with your backlog of exams and align your future studies to the new teaching plan.  Look carefully at the subjects being taught going forward and the associated revision & exam weeks.  Changes to current study plans will be necessary as a result of these enforced delays. Note that, as mandated by EASA for 2021, we shall be switching residential teaching to the new syllabus from November.  The old syllabus exams, that you are all doing, will be available up until July 2022.


In the last week, we have been negotiating with both the CAA and AustroControl about bringing forward and adding more exam dates to clear the backlog as quickly as possible.  The results are:


AustroControl.  They are totally overwhelmed at the moment and were unable to offer any more or sooner dates at Rosyth, so we have stuck to the planned dates of 3/4th Sept.


CAA.  They have agreed that the next 2 planned dates of 1/2 Sept would be inadequate.  They have also agreed to expand the exams to 4 days (or 5 if necessary) from 24-27th August and confirmed their local invigilator is available to us all that week.  This is subject to our Risk Assessment and Covid19 protection measures in the exam centre (that were submitted to the CAA some time ago) being formally approved (expected soon).  This should enable you to spread your exams over these 4 days and get on top of your backlog. These new Rosyth dates will not appear on the CAA website until the formal RA approval is given, so book what slots you can for now.


Consequently, as you have all been studying your current exam subjects for some time, we are keeping the revision week to 17th-21st August to refresh you just before the exam weeks.  


In summary, with apologies for the new enforced delay, the next events to focus on are:

  • 17-21 Aug: Revision Week: Met, Flt Planning, G Nav, M&B, HPL, Air Law.
  • 24-27th Aug: CAA Exams
  • 2-4th Sep: AustroControl Exams (extra day agreed that week).