UK say Bye Bye to EASA

7th March 2020   
UK say Bye Bye to EASA

UK to Leave EASA at the end of 2020.

Oh yes, the expected political decision (posturing?) has just been announced that defies common sense and will cost both the CAA and EASA many millions to replicate functions that are working perfectly well jointly.  But is it "bye-bye" or "au revoir" ?  There are a number of non-EU countries already in EASA, so it may turn out to be a temporary situation (probably for a few years) until the UK re-joins as an associate member.  See link:

BBC NEWS - 7 March 20


Fortunately, at Pathway, our ATPL/CPL courses are covered by the joint EASA and CAA ATO approval (for all our courses) and we are offering both UK CAA and AustroControl options for ATPL exams (to all comers) at our new Exam Centre at Rosyth. Note:

  • Book UK CAA exams through the CAA website as usual.
  • Booking AustroControl Exams is managed by Pathway directly.  So, to book any exams at the Rosyth Exam Centre, contact Mhairi at Pathway by email: