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ATPL Ground Training Specialists

We are calling all aspiring commercial pilots looking for the right path to the flight deck of an airliner. We are independent and provide the theoretical ground training foundation and we have links to several quality flight schools. We will then save you time and money by recommending the flight training options best suited to you individual needs and budget. Take the first step with us - you will not regret it.

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For those that already hold a private pilot's licence (PPL) and now want a career as an airline pilot, we provide this first step through the costly and bewildering maze of training options available en route to a full EU commercial pilots' licence (frozen EASA ATPL) - which qualifies you for a job with any European airline. We also provide tailored distance learning courses for already qualified pilots seeking on EASA licence conversion or those with other work commitments who want to study at home.


PPL holders need to pass all 14 ATPL Theoretical Knowledge exams to qualify to start any modular commercial pilot flying training in Europe. Our vastly experienced instructors will give you the in-depth theoretical knowledge necessary to pass these exams in an intensive 6-month residential course in the stunning location of Scotland followed by 4 months of self study. Also, a flexible and personalised distance learning option is available over 8 to 12 months. The residential course is the more sensible choice for those new to commercial aviation and will deliver a much sounder foundation for your career and also better exam results in these 14 complex and demanding technical subjects.


During the course, we can also access your individual needs and suggest the best high quality but good value flight training school locally or elsewhere for your all-important flight training. This will complete your frozen ATPL ready for a job as a commercial pilot. We will save you many thousands of £/Euros to complete your licence training when compared to the integrated "factory" courses run by the big schools, but you will still be equally well trained and qualified to exactly the same European standard. You will then be able to work for any airline that requires an EASA ATPL.

What have you got to lose by talking to us except a good part of the cost of an ATPL?  We hope to welcome you on board for the best available start of your journey to one of the finest careers on the planet.