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Through very experienced mainly pilot ground instructors, Pathway continues to deliver both Residential and Distance Learning (DL) Courses to a very high standard that are second to none. Outstanding reference books and instruction has produced a proven track record of delivering great results for students and a very solid foundation of knowledge for a long flying career.   Residential courses are 6 months of intensive (full-time) classroom training followed by 2 to 4 months (part-time) of self study for the essential theoretical knowledge for the 13 CAA exams you need to pass before embarking on your demanding ATPL flight training.  DL Courses are part time, working to an agreed individual study plan and attending revision weeks prior to each session of exams.  We have an on-site Exam Centre for the licence exams that are normally take 3 at a time every 2 months.

We also do licence conversion courses to EASA ATPL(A) , English language for Aviation tests and a short PBN upgade CBT course. 

We are truly independent, but work closely with several quality EASA flight schools in the UK and abroad.


We will recommend your path to the flight training that delivers the best value for money for your individual needs and budget. In this way, you will achieve the prized frozen ATPL at a fraction of the price of the big schools' integrated courses - while still being as well trained and qualified to exactly the same standard.

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Norman Beasant - Director & Head of Training.  Ex-military and civil airline pilot and ex base manager with major UK airline.


Norman was initially an RAF fast jet pilot then, after 12 years of management in manufacturing companies, became an airline pilot and base manager for Flybe until his retirement from commercial flying in 2015. He was a founder member of Pathway in 2015 and is a Director and the Head of Training.  He teaches aircraft general knowledge, flight planning, instruments, mass & balance and other subjects on the course and deals with commercial matters.  Huge range of flying experience world wide and good contacts in the airline industry.

Email:  norman@path2pilot.com




Steve R  - Ex-military and airline pilot with several large airlines on B757 and B737

Steve is the Chief Instuctor (CTKI) and has  a background of > 40 years of military and airline flying experience as a pilot.  He is also a qualified 737 sim instructor.  He has worked for easyJet, Flyglobespan and Jet2 and held management roles as Safety Manager.  Worldwide and varied flying experience and a very good knowledge of the ATPL syllabus and exams.

Email: steve@path2pilot.com



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Gerard - Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Gerard has over 25 years’ experience in the aviation industry with a background as a licensed aircraft engineer and pilot technical and simulator instructor. He has worked with several major airlines and training organisations including KLM , British Airways, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and CTC Aviation. He has been teaching ATPL subjects full  or part time for the last 11 years.

Email: gerard@path2pilot.com




Graham  - Instructor, Ex-military pilot and many years of experience as a TKI teaching ATPL subjects with several major ATOs

Graham had a military flying career as a Nimrod pilot and JP QFI and has been involved in ATPL ground school with several major schools including Cabair and FTE Jerez before returning to his native Scotland. A mine of good information!

Email: graham@path2pilot.com



Anthony - KSA Instructor, Current airline pilot with major airline, CRMI, English Language Examiner.

Anthony is employed with a major low cost airline and is a specialist in Crew Resouce Management skills. He is also a qualified examiner for the ICAO English Language Certificates required by many for a commercial pilots' licence. He specialises in the delivery and development of our KSA 100 Training package (Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes). This is now an important and integral part of the Pathway training for the development of soft skills and for learning to work effectively as part of a team.  KSA tarining and assessmnets are now a mandatory part of the commercial licensing process - it's no longer sufficient just to pass the 13 ground school exams!.

Email: anthony@path2pilot.com



Adi - TK Instructor - Freelance specialist ATPL Ground School Tutor

Adi is a qualified commercial pilot working for a major airline.  He  joined our team after more than 2 year's experience as a freelance tutor in several TK subjects for EASA ATPL exams for a major school.  He is a specialist in Flt Planning, Gen Nav,  M&B  and Performance and is currently responsible for monitoring the progress of DL students on a regular basis.

Email: adi@path2pilot.com


Steve O  - Ex-military and airline helicopter test and line pilot 

Steve has joined the team recently.  He has an impressive background of > 40 years of military and airline flying experience as a pilot, and is a qualified test pilot   He has recently retired from Bristows. 

Email: steveoc@path2pilot.com


Henry - Ex airline pilot with several large airlines on long and short haul routes

Henry has aslo recentlly joined our team.  He has exensive airline flying experience as a line training pilot with wide ranging and varied types from domestic flying with Loganair to long haul routes.  

Email: henry@path2pilot.com




Donna - Exam Invigilator and Administrator

email: admin@path2pilot.com

Romana joined the team from a teaching and IT background in the UK.  She is the General Administrator for the courses. In particular she deals with our course prctice exams and is our on-site Invigilator for these exams.

Email: admin@path2pilot.com


Fraser - Enquiries and Social Media

email: enquiries@path2pilot.com

Fraser has joined the team from a legal career background.  He is also a qualified pilot and has recently completed the course with us as a student.  He deals with incoming equiries, sales development and socail media coverage.

Email: enquiries@path2pilot.com