Padpilot iBooks Reference Material

Pad Pilot iBooksAll courses include downloads to your personal iPad or MacBook of the 16 iBooks that cover all the required course learning in every subject for the ATPL exams.  This material is second to none and will be yours to keep for the rest of your flying career.  You will also get regular updates free of charge from the authors.  The updates keep pace with the changing requirements for the ATPL exams so you always have the latest information.

Embedded in the iBooks are interactive diagrams and videos to help understanding of dynamic systems. Progress tests are also embedded in each subject to ensure that you really understand it.  These tests can be repeated as required as you study.

Apart from the excellent material, the main advantage is that, being electronic, you can study it easily no matter where you are or while travelling. No heavy and out-of-date paper manuals are involved that are cumbersome and usually out-of-date!

2021 NEW SYLLABUS:  Second Editions of all the Padpilot books are now available for the new EASA syllabus course that will commence in Pathway from the November 2020 course.   The new syllabus (Second Editions) will be issued as reference material on our courses and has been taught in class from Nov 20.