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Course Start Dates 2023 - every 2 months - UK CAA & EASA Exam Prep

Courses EASA and UK CAA ATPL(A)
18 Mar 24 Module 2
27 May 24 Module 3
29 Jul 24 Module 1
30 Sep 24 Module 2
9 Dec 24 Module 3

You can start on any of these dates and do the Modules in any order. See the link below to the Year Planner for more detailed information about the Module subjects and the instructors.

Key Diary Dates 2023 - Revision Weeks and KSA100 Weeks

P2P: Revision Week Dates  - Rosyth    
Module 2 + M&B, HPL, AL 29-Apr-24 to 07-May-24
Module 3 + M&B, HPL, AL 08-Jul-24 to 15-Jul-24
Module 1 + M&B, HPL, AL 09-Sep-24 to 14-Sep-24
Module 2 + M&B, HPL, AL 11-Nov-24 to 18-Nov-24
KSA100 Assessment Weeks     
All  students attend only once for a minimum of 2 days  
KSA Team Exercises + 20-May-24 to 21-May-24
ATC Visit (when available) 22-May-24    


Detailed Course Module Content, Dates and Subjects                                                      

Please specify your 2 requested start date choices on the Application Form. You can start at the beginning of any of the 3 modules, so there is a start date every 2 months - click the year planner link below to see all start dates, revision weeks, module subjects and tutors.


Apply now for a course - no commitment needed. Click here to download: 


Please download, print off and complete incuding signature. On completion, please email to: norman@path2pilot.com  or post to our Rosyth address for the attention of Norman Beasant.




Exam Centre Dates and Bookings

An ATPL Exam Centre for both CAA & AustroControl Exams was established in 2020 at Rosyth hosted by Pathway Pilot Training (path2pilot.com).  Open to all comers.  Dates are:

Rosyth Exam Centre Dates - All Comers    
UK CAA Exams 15-May-24 to 17-May-24
UK CAA Exams 24-Jul-24 to 26-Jul-24
UK CAA Exams 25-Sep-24 to 27-Sep-24
UK CAA Exams 27-Nov-24 to 29-Nov-24

Location: Rosyth Business Centre, Rosyth Europarc, KY11 2WX (just off M90 and near Edinburgh Airport & Rosyth station).

Note: Austro Exams have been discontinued after Mar 24 at Rosyth

For Candidates Brief see "News" Section on this website

CAA Exams

The CAA exam bookings are available as usual on the CAA website.

Transport links: 10-min drive from Edinburgh Airport. Walkable from Rosyth train station. Free parking.

Accommodation: good value local hotels and B&Bs easily available within walking distance.