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Pathway Pilot Training (path2pilot.com)

Courses Offered:

ATPL (A) : Ground School for EASA Licence: 

  • Residential
  • Distance Learning
  • Licence Conversions
  • "A La Carte" Attendance at lectures or revision weeks

ATPL(H) Conversion to ATPL(A)

PBN Upgrade : Short course for Certificate of PBN Ground School Course Completion

KSA100 Completion Certificate : KSA Assessments now included in all Residential and DL Courses from 2020



You need to have completed a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) before starting our commercial pilot training.  This is not a regulatory requirement, but this level of flying experience is a sensible starting point and so required by Pathway.  A suitable PPL course can be arranged by us if needed - this enables you and us to assess if you are suited to becoming a professional pilot.  You also need to have basic academic qualifications in Maths & Physics and, for non-native speakers, an adequate level of English.  You also need a personal Apple device (iPad or Macbook) to enable you download the iBooks for the course - these are then yours to keep for the rest of your flying career. A Class 1 Medical Certificate is highly recommneded before you embark on the expense of an ATPL.

Our Courses

  • Residential or Distance Learning ATPL(A) groundschool located at Rosyth near Edinburgh in Scotland for PPL holders or EASA licence conversions.
  • Instructor-led personalised tuition covering in depth all 14 subjects required for the CAA  ATPL(A) exams.  Morning lectures and afternoon instructor-led tutorials for residential courses and pre-exam revision weeks. 
  • Industry leading iPad based ATPL reference material (Padpilot) downloads included for all subjects, yours to keep.
  • Residential Course is 6 months' full time at Rosyth (near Edinburgh) and 4/5 months of part-time self-study at home.  Divided into 5 modules of 2 months with 3 exams taken at the end of each module to evenly spread the load over 5 exam sessions.
  • Distance Learning is 11-19 months and is divided into 5 flexible modules with exams taken at the end of each module after several days of intensive residential revision.
  • You can start the course every 2 months at the beginning of any module and take the exams at any CAA or EASA Exam Centre when ready.
  • All subjects ATPL iBooks included with free updates.
  • Online practice question bank and progress tests included for 12 months.
  • It is a CAA requirement that all exams are completed in an 18-month period.

yes New For 2020 !!!!

KSA100 Training, Assessments and Completion Certificate now included in all Residential and DL courses.

On Site Exam Centre. An approved exam centre for both UK CAA and AustroControl ATPL Exams available every 2 months on site is being set up.

Brexit-proofing. Our ATPL(A) Courses will be recognised by EASA even if the UK CAA is ejected from EASA in the event of a hard Brexit.

Fast Track Military Courses (ELCAS Approved). A 'Fast Track' DL course is now available from 6-10 months for experienced military pilots.




Residential Course (recommended for those new to aviation).

£5640 (including VAT) 


Distance Learning Option (usually for more experienced pilots)

£2520 (including VAT) - flexible from 11 to 22 months with up to 5 residential revision weeks included prior to each exam session.


ATPL(H) conversion to ATPL(A)

£1250 (including VAT) - Distance Learning 5 ATPL subjects, 6 months


PBN Upgrade:  Short CBT Course

£200 (including VAT) for CBT training reference material (iBook), progress tests & exam, issue of Certificate of Course Completion


"A la Carte" Residential , DL or Revision Days (partial course)  



Stand Alone Revision Weeks - for those not enrolled on a course (these are included in the course price for enrolled students)

£400 (including VAT) for 3 or more consequetive days.  Or £150 per single day.



Every 2 months : Click on the following link for details of start dates, subjects, instructors and revision week/exam dates.



  1. Good value accommodation is readily available on site or in Dunfermline, but not included in price. Typically from £300/month (all-in) for a professional standard room nearby or in Dunfermline or from £28 per night (B&B) in local hotels or B&Bs.
  2. CAA exams can be taken in Scotland or any CAA Centre : their fees are not included (currently £71 per exam in the UK).
  3. CAA required personal planning equipment and 3 CAPs are needed for the course - these are not included in price and cost about £170. 
  4. Personal iPad or Macbook needed for course material and accessing question banks.
  5. Payment terms are on the Application Form on the "Enrol Now" page.