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Pathway Pilot Training (path2pilot.com)

Courses Offered:

ATPL (A) : Ground School for EASA Licence: 

  • Residential
  • Distance Learning
  • Licence Conversions
  • "A La Carte" Attendance at lectures or revision weeks

ATPL(H) Conversion to ATPL(A)

PBN Upgrade : Short course for Certificate of PBN Ground School Course Completion

KSA100 Completion Certificate : KSA Assessments now included in all Residential and DL Courses from 2020



You need to have completed a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) before starting commercial pilot training or have equivalent military experience.  A PPL is not a regulatory requirement for starting ATPL ground school, but this level of flying knowledge and experience is a sensible starting point and so required by Pathway.  A suitable PPL course can be arranged by us if needed - this enables you and us to assess if you are suited to becoming a professional pilot.  You also need to have basic academic qualifications in Maths & Physics and, for non-native speakers, an adequate level of English.  A personal Apple device (iPad or Macbook) is needed to enable you download the iBooks for the course - these are then yours to keep for the rest of your flying career.  A Class 1 Medical Certificate is highly recommended before you embark on the expense of an ATPL.

Our Courses

  • Residential or Distance Learning ATPL(A) groundschool located at Rosyth near Edinburgh in Scotland for PPL holders or EASA licence conversions.
  • Instructor-led personalised tuition covering in depth all 14 subjects required for the CAA  ATPL(A) exams.  Morning lectures and afternoon instructor-led tutorials for residential courses and pre-exam revision weeks. 
  • Industry leading iPad based ATPL reference material (Padpilot) downloads included for all subjects, yours to keep.
  • Residential Course is 6 months' full time at Rosyth (near Edinburgh) and 4/5 months of part-time self-study at home.  Divided into 5 modules of 2 months with 3 exams taken at the end of each module to evenly spread the load over 5 exam sessions.
  • Distance Learning is 11-19 months and is divided into 5 flexible modules with exams taken at the end of each module after several days of intensive residential revision. Faster track available for very experienced pilots.
  • You can start the course every 2 months at the beginning of any module and take the exams at any CAA or EASA Exam Centre when ready.
  • All subjects ATPL iBooks included with free updates.
  • Online practice question bank and progress tests included for 12 months.
  • It is a CAA requirement that all exams are completed in an 18-month period.

yes New From 2020 !!!!

KSA100 Training, Assessments and Completion Certificate now included in all Residential and DL courses. Mandatory for new syllabus.

On-Site Exam Centre. An approved exam centre for both UK CAA and AustroControl exams available every 2 months on site. Open to all.

Brexit-proofing. Our ATPL(A) Courses will be recognised by EASA when the UK CAA leaves EASA in 2021.

Fast Track Military Courses (ELCAS Approved). A 'Fast Track' DL course is now available from 6-10 months for experienced military pilots.



Residential Course (recommended for those new to aviation)..

£5790 (including VAT). New syllabus only from 9  Nov 20.


Distance Learning Option (usually for more experienced pilots)

Flexible - from 11 to 22 months with up to 5 residential revision weeks included prior to each exam session (Military Fast Track 6 months available) .

£2670 (including VAT).  Current syllabus only until Jul 2020 (or Sep 20 for Fast Track DL only).

£2670 (incuding VAT).  New syllabus only from Sep 2020.


ATPL(H) conversion to ATPL(A)

£1500 (including VAT) - Distance Learning 5 ATPL subjects, 6 months.


PBN Upgrade:  Short CBT Course

£250 (including VAT) for CBT training reference material (iBook), progress tests & exam, issue of Certificate of Course Completion.


"A la Carte" Residential , DL or Revision Days (partial course)  



Stand Alone Revision Weeks - for those not enrolled on a course (these are included in the course price for enrolled students)

£400 (including VAT) for 3 or more consequetive days.  Or £150 per single day.



P2P Course Start Dates - Residential & DL    
09-Nov-20 Module 1 New Syllabus ECQB 2020
01-Feb-21 Module 2 New Syllabus ECQB 2020
05-Apr-21 Module 3 New Syllabus ECQB 2020
07-Jun-21 Module 1 New Syllabus ECQB 2020
16 Aug 21 Module 2 New Syllabus ECQB 2020
18 Oct 21 Module 3 New Syllabus ECQB 2020

Every 2 months : Click on the following link for more details of start dates, subjects, instructors and revision week/exam dates.



Rosyth Exam Centre Dates (2021 provisional)     
Note: Wednesday CAA exam dates only available if demand sufficient
UK CAA Exams 18-Jan-21 to 20-Jan-21
AustroControl Exams 21-Jan-21 to 22-Jan-21
UK CAA Exams 29-Mar-21 to 31-Mar-21
AustroControl Exams 01-Apr-21 to 02-Apr-21
AustroControl Exams 31-May-21 to 01-Jun-21
UK CAA Exams 02-Jun-21 to 04-Jun-21
UK CAA Exams 02-Aug-21 to 04-Aug-21
AustroControl Exams 05-Aug-21 to 06-Aug-21
UK CAA Exams 11-Oct-21 to 13-Oct-21
AustroControl Exams 14-Oct-21 to 15-Oct-21
UK CAA Exams 13-Dec-21 to 15-Dec-21
AustroControl Exams 16-Dec-21 to 17-Dec-21


  1. Good value accommodation is readily available on site or in Dunfermline, but not included in price. Typically from £300/month (all-in) for a professional standard room nearby or in Dunfermline or from £28 per night (B&B) in local hotels or B&Bs.
  2. CAA exams can be taken in Scotland or any CAA Centre : their fees are not included (currently £73 per exam in the UK).
  3. Personal planning equipment and 3 CAPs are needed for the course and exams - these are not included in price and cost about £170. 
  4. Personal iPad or Macbook needed for course material and accessing question banks.
  5. Payment terms are on the Application Form on the "Enrol Now" page.