Distance Learning

ATPL(A) Training or EASA Licence Conversions. 

ELCAS Approved for military pilots (Fast Track Available)

Normal Distance Learning  (DL) Course

!!  Now available totally online for students residing outside the UK !!

Distance Learning ATPL Ground School Training is delivered by UK-based Path2pilot.com for your CAA, AustroControl or any NAA EASA exams - wherever in the world you are located.  It is a flexible and personalised part-time course lasting from 11 to 19 months for inexperienced pilots (military pilots and licence conversion candidiates have the Fast Track option below: from 6 months to complete).  So you can fit your studying around your other commitments and time available per week by choosing a learning pace that will suit you.  Your individual study plan will be agreed with you in advance.  You will need to study for at least 20-25 hours per week and attend at least 2 and up to 5 revision (brush-up) weeks immediately before each exam session.  This can now be done completely online for DL students outside Scotland.  The 13 EASA and UK CAA theoretical exams are the best possible qualification and recognised as such by all airlines worldwide.  But they are very demanding, so intensive study is required to pass them.  Path2pilot.com will deliver a high quality and personally tailored exam preparation service wherever you are located. Military pilots can qualify for resettlement ELCAS financing.

To achieve your best possible exams results along with the essential thorough understanding of the theory for your professional career you will get:

  • Industry leading PadPilot reference material - electronic iBook format for ease of study anywhere.
  • Embedded progress tests in the iBooks (online).
  • Subscription to the industry-leading exam question bank (currently ATPLQs) for your initial 12 months is included.
  • In-depth, instructor led, revision weeks before each CAA/NAA  ATPL exam session.
  • Courses tailored to your available study time: e.g. Min 11 to max 19 months, with an agreed DL study plan to fit our planned subject revision days.
  • Courses starting every 2 months.
  • Up to 5 residential Revision Weeks in Scotland or Online (min recorded attendance 65 hours ).

Fast Track Military Courses (ELCAS Approved). 

A 'Fast Track' DL course is now available from 6-10 months for experienced military pilots. It follows the structure and pace of the full time Residential  courses and assumes study time of at least 25-30 hours a week to absorb the extensive course material needed to pass the 13 demanding ATPL exams.  It could be completed in 6 months if enough quality study time is available and exams are taken 5 at a time (very challenging but possible).  Classroom and course attendance exemptions are available for fully qualified UK military pilots who must take the ATPL exams with the CAA. 

Path 2 Pilot | World Class Pilot Training CoursesSo why choose Pathway?

In a nutshell - better results for you. In this highly competitive industry, our well-proven theory courses will give you the most solid foundation for the ATPL exams, the expensive flying phases and your airline recruitment interviews. Lack of understanding will be exposed and may lead to slow progress, exams failures and repetition of flight tests. Building intensively and progressively, our course will give you the best chance of passing the necessary EASA or UK CAA ATPL exams with high marks - as our excellent track record demonstrates.  All our graduates to date have achieved results well above 80% , with half our recent graduates achieving an average exam score of >90%.

What's Involved?

In addition to Pathway directly delivering your course as an independent school, we are very proud to have been selected by ACS Aviation in Scotland to provide their ATPL Ground School as part of their overall training package. We have also been selected by LingAero to provide English Language tests and gradings to the ICAO Rating standards - either on site or remotely.  Our instructors and material are high quality and second to none, your tuition is personalised and overall costs excellent value for money.  In the classroom for revision weeks, morning lectures and afternoon tutorials/practice questions enable you to focus on the essentials from the huge volume of information presented, studying and passing the exams progressively to spread the load.  Airlines recruiting look closely at all exam/flight test reports and look for good results, so give yourself the best possible start.

Stand Alone Revision Weeks.

Even if you have been studying elsewhere, you are welcome to attend our our in-house Rosyth revision weeks. These are scheduled every 2 months after each module. The revision days are geared to the particular module subjects on the residential course plus 2 of the self-study subjects (see Enrol Now page for details and dates).  You will get an accurate assessment of your readiness to take your EASA exams, perhaps avoiding a potential fail!