CAA Exams - Student Feedback - Sep 19: Ops, PoF, Perf, Inst, AGK, Comms

9th September 2019   
CAA Exams - Student Feedback - Sep 19: Ops, PoF, Perf, Inst, AGK, Comms

Student Feedback– Sep 19 CAA Exams (SF)

In addition to the instruction in class and Padpilot iBooks, I had been using and completed 3 question banks AV Exam, BGS and ATPL GS and I also utilized any relevant feedback posted on the ATPL Facebook page posted in the last year - something I found beneficial.


The trickiest of all the subjects as the questions in the question banks both AV Exam and BGS are outdated when compared to the current exam.  ATPL GS was the only question bank to resemble what was in the exam.  I would recommend that in the future you advise your students to review at least the recently seen feature before sitting this particular exam.  


This subject was very question bank orientated with most of the questions either been straight out of the bank or very close with only minor changes. 


I thought the Exam was fair.


This exam was nothing like what was in the question banks, however the questions were relevant enough that I could fall back on my core knowledge.


Fair exam. Again questions were different from the banks, but relevant enough to be carried through by my general knowledge of this subject.


These two exams were not the free passes I was expecting them to be following feedback from the other students.  Most of the questions while still relevant were unlike any format I had seen before. I did however notice that some of the question form VFR test were located in all 3 of the IFR question banks. Therefore, I would suggest you recommend that students sit these exams at the same time so they can benefit from the crossover between these two subjects.