COVID-19 Newsletter & Continuity Advice

14th March 2020   
COVID-19 Newsletter & Continuity Advice


Without wishing to cause undue over-reaction, we need to ensure that everyone in P2P is up to date with the latest information regarding the Coronavirus and how this might affect you coming in for classes and taking exams.  For all the latest breaking news on COVID-19 visit the government website link here: 

UK Government Advice Updates

The UK Government's Chief Medical Advisor advised yesterday that even people with ‘minor signs’ of respiratory tract infections will be told to self-isolate. This change could happen in the next 10 to 14 days. This will have a significant impact on those reliable people who, at the first signs of a cold, would normally come into work, armed with paracetamol and determined to carry on with their studies.  If you develop these symptoms, stay at home and self-isolate for the prescribed period.  Self-isolation also applies to anyone who has been in contact with a third party who may be a carrier or has symptoms.  If self-isolating, let P2P staff know immediately.  To cater for a very fluid and fast-moving situation, P2P has been considering contingency (Business Continuity) plans as follows:

  1. A small number of students or a staff member affected and in self-isolation.  We are setting up a meetings /webinar software package called “Zoom” to allow anyone affected and at home to participate in the classes using the internet.
  2. External lockdown measures implemented or a large number of students/staff affected.  It is likely that it would be necessary to cancel all lectures and revert to a self-study module from home to continue the course.   Any lectures /modules missed would be repeated at a later date once the current situation/restriction reverts to normal.
  3. The invigilator for AustroControl exams is unable to travel at the moment, but we have proposed a work around by self-invigilating which would require an oversight from Vienna by webcam/CCTV.

Consider your home working options to self-study if you decide to self-isolate and let your instructors know so that you can be included in the lectures utilising the “Zoom” meeting option on the internet. You will be invited to join the lecture by an email link. 

To summarise, the interim general guidance for all in relation to health and safety is:

  • Perform routine environmental cleaning, for example frequently touched work surfaces such as computers, desks and door handles.
  • Emphasise the importance of hand hygiene and the etiquette for coughs and sneezes. 
  • Access:  has anyone in the class visited any of the countries that are causing concern for COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone suffering from the illness? 
  • Refer to the Business Continuity Plan above if affected - In particular, what you would do in the event of an outbreak in the workplace and how you would continue working.