Doing a CAA FI Rating Test?

27th June 2024   
Doing a CAA FI Rating Test?



The CAA Chief Flight Examiner has announced the following subjects to be included in the instructor flight test (now the assessment of competence), whether for an initial, revalidation or renewal of an instructor rating (now certificate)

The subject(s) will be reviewed each year and announced in the Spring version of TRAININGCOM to coincide with the start of the main flying season. The subject(s) for 2024 are to include:  Threat and Error Management appropriately, and:

  • Pre-flight planning with the emphasis on aeroplane performance. Focusing on both the theory and practical aspects appropriate to the aeroplane being flown. Also, include the understanding of content and applicability of NOTAMs and methods of conducting a pre-flight NOTAM brief using regulated Aeronautical Information. 
  • The use of Meteorological Service Information reference from source material
  • DR Navigation Techniques. Focusing on the ‘HOW’ as well as the ‘WHAT’ the instructor teaches ‘DR Navigation’ to their student(s) using recognised methods, including methods of correcting errors.
  • Use of Moving Map Displays as back up rather than the primary source of navigation.
  • Procedures when operating within an Aerodrome Traffic Zone. (There have been several infringements and misunderstandings of the requirements of Rule 11 of the UK Rules of the Air Regulations 2015).
  • Air Traffic Services 
  • The use of listening Squawks

Good luck with the flight test!