Examples of Exam Annexes used by EASA

11th July 2020   
Examples of Exam Annexes used by EASA

This message is to bring to your attention a recent update from EASA on the availability of sample annexes used in the construction of questions used in the latest release of the ECQB.  There are examples of tables, charts and diagrams that you may not otherwise easily find as they have only been made available to use in the ECQB.  The images are intended for private study to help prepare for the ECQB based exams and can be found via the link below along with further information. 


Hope this helps your preparation!


FYI the latest versions of the EASA ECQBs for ATPL exams that are used by all NAAs for exam questions:

"Old syllabus". ECQB 7

"New Syllabus". ECQB 2020.

Pathway students will be on the "Old Syllabus" up to and including the residential course starting on 7 Sep 20 and these exams will be available from both the UK CAA and AustroControl until finally withdrawn in Jul 2022.  You must sit at least your first "Old Syllabus" exam by the end of 2020 to qualify to continue with the Old Syllabus exams.

All Pathway Courses from 9 Nov 20 will be taught and sitting the "New Syllabus".  Throughout EASA and for the UK CAA after exit, it will be mandatory to sit the New Syllabus exams if you take your first exam after 1 Jan 2021.

Make sure you book the correct exams as both are now available!