PBN Upgrade Course

25th November 2018   
PBN Upgrade Course


PBN Upgrade

Our current Residential and DL courses all include the PBN ground school requirements and exam qualifications.  The CAA have recently  introduced a requirement for a Certificate of Ground School Course Completion to be presented to the CAA examiner before taking the initial issue of an IR with PBN privileges.  

This is a short CBT based theoretical course, non residential.  The course price includes:

  • Padpilot PBN iBook (for iPad or Macbook download).
  • In built progress tests
  • On successful completion, issue of a Certificate of Course Completon for submission with licence aplication for PBN instrument privileges.

Applications should be submitted by email to herb@path2pilot.com with current qualifications.  Costs are given under the "Courses and Prices" tab on the website.