PLAG - Licensing Lobbying Group - Launches

8th June 2021   
PLAG - Licensing Lobbying Group - Launches

As everyone in the aviation industry is acutely aware, the rushed exit from the EU and EASA by the UK in late December last year, only days before the Brexit deadline, has resulted in a confused and unacceptably complex European flight crew (and engineering) licensing situation that has the potential to badly damage the UK Aviation Industry and cause embarrassment to the UK Government.

With the aim of influencing the UK Government to change tack on mutual recognition of licences between the UK CAA and EASA, the Pilot Licensing Advisory Group (P.L.A.G.)  is a new lobbying group founded by CATS, BGS and Pathway.   PLAG has now launched and is seeking support from other UK ATOs and individuals affected by these unnecessary changes that threaten future employability.  

Full details and an invitation to add your name to the group is on the PLAG website:

Also, see link below for details of the inaugural press release:


If you agree with the aims, please add your name to the list on the PLAG website and spread the word to your contacts in the industry!