Resumption of Classroom Training - Risk Assessment

24th October 2020   
Resumption of Classroom Training - Risk Assessment

It is planned to resume classroom lectures from 7 September and this update will hopefully give you confidence that the risk has been properly assessed and that all reasonable and practicable Covid 19 mitigation measures will be in place when you return to Rosyth.  See a photo of the revised classroom layout showing the 2m distancing available on the link below. 

Classroom with 2m Distancing

As current students will know very well, we have been successfully running the planned August & September CAA and Austro Exams in the classroom and this week and our backlog of exams has been largely cleared.   On Covid precautions, we have been briefing the exam candidates daily on the 2m distancing requirements in the exam room and general Covid hygiene in RBC.   We have had our risk assessment (RA) approved by the General Manager of RBC and believe it is compliant with current Scottish Government guidelines.  Link is:

Risk Assessment - Residential Lectures

The current students who have been taking exams are now well versed in the Covid mitigation procedures in RBC and have been adhering to them pretty well since activities resumed 2 weeks ago.

Because of this 2m distancing (that was also available for the exams), we are not requiring you to wear any face coverings in the classroom for the lectures, although the Business Centre does require this while moving around the building. 

Ample hand sanitiser and wipes are available in the classroom and RBC that you are actively encouraged to use often.

We are all really looking forward to getting back in the classroom and resuming training at the full pace after a very frustrating 4 months of lockdown restrictions, but be aware that things have now changed and we are not "back to normal".  So, please be rigorous about maintaining 2m distancing and groupings of no more that 3 while in the RBC building outside the classroom. 

As always in aviation : Stay safe!