Summary of Deadlines for Old Syllabus Exams

28th February 2021   
Summary of Deadlines for Old Syllabus Exams

Update on Changeover Dates from Old to New Syllabus Exams

Due to the delays from exam cancellations in the recent lockdowns the following new delayed deadlines have been announced recently by the UK CAA and AustroControl for the latest first sittings of the old syllabus exams (ECQB06) and the of changeover to the New Syllabus exams (ECQB2020):


27 Feb 21: email from Glenn Bradley, Head of Operations, UK CAA.

22 Jan 21: email from Raffael Stagl, Senior Examination Manager, AustroControl Gmbh






Last Date for First Sitting ECQB06 Exams



NAA defined

Date of Withdrawal of all ECQB06 Exams




Max Period to Complete an exam series

24 months

26 months

Normally 18 mths



  1. AustroControl allow changeover mid series to the new syllabus, the UK CAA do not.
  1. The UK CAA withdrawal date of the old syllabus exams is non-compliant with the EASA Directive so may lead to future difficulties with a UK licence transfer to any EASA State.
  2. New syllabus exams (ECQB2020) have been available to take since Jul 20.
  3. The UK CAA is probably going to extend the max period to complete a series for those affected by Covid cancellations.  Watch for further announcements.

 Further information from EASA on the ECQB and the changeover to the new syllabuses can be found at: