26th January 2020   

New CAA and AustroControl Exam Dates at Rosyth Exam Centre near Edinburgh Airport.  Key 2020 dates for P2P Courses.

15th December 2019   

Dates for new ATPL Exam Centre for both CAA & AustroControl Exams for 2020 at Rosyth hosted by Pathway Pilot Training (  

13th November 2019   

Future proofing additions to our Residential and DL courses from 2020:



13th October 2019   

1. Part time TKI

2. Part-time Administrator

11th October 2019   

The links to the Learning Objectives (LOs) for the "Old" Syllabus (in current use for ATPL exams until mid 2020) and the "New" Syllabus (available from Jul 2020).